by Vikki V



Features with Gryndhousz, Mic Skillz, and more!


released August 11, 2012


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Vikki V Columbus, Ohio

Rock bassist turned hip hop pop-ista with clever wit and a sharp tongue.

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Track Name: Gryndhousz, Vikki V, Jason Lyric - Shut The F Up - Gryndhousz ft. Vikki V and Jason Lyric
We came up on the scene like we got some
Up in the club like we on one
Put your hands up
If your bands up
And shut the fuck up if you got none

Am I who you want to be?
Tell me what you want from me
Tell me all the tips and tricks I knew before I hit the scene
You don't have a notion
I got 10k off promotion
And now you're liking like and all my photos with some lotion (ugh)
Knock outs in my corner on that triple F life
Get a couple in me and you look like triplets, right?
Triple those notes
Trickle down your throat
Cut it, take a shot and pass it till you choke
They say it's not a habit
It's a hobby if you got it
So I check out of my body
Like the lobby at the W
We don't know none of you
We'll just take you back to school
So get your books and denim
And learn yourself a thing or two
Vikki Lyric Gryndhousz
In your face and wildin' out
Your girlfriend's in the front row of our next show
And she's got 'em out
I sign the tig ol biddies
Whenever I'm in your city
I just keep it all one hundred
You just snap back like a fitty
Track Name: Mic Skillz, Vikki V, Kimberly Barr - Made It - Mic Skillz ft Vikki V
We're on the rooftop and all we see is stars, life in the limelight now we livin large, going hard trying to get it and were taking what is ours, I dont know if you know but we finally made it

Walk through the room like I'm on the moon and I'm feeling weightless they know my name I'm coming in im not on any wait list, that chick life looking pretty yea she got a face lift, I've waited my entire life to be able to say this, now it's on yea it's on and I know this we on the top floor and I will never lose focus my hope is that you are all feeling this dope shit now get a dozen roses for the game cause I smoked it I killed it my rhyme scheme is worse than a crime scene that's why I'm at the W livin out my dreams chilling at the viper room off a vine on a side street tryin to do it right B Vikki right behind me

I think that I'm addicted to the scene
(for this life im a fiend im a fiend)
defying gravity blew past where I have ever been
(on tilt on lean lookin clean)
its so easier to get higher,
up up away up up fireball of the game
getting made gets me laid
getting blazed gets me paid
and I can never fade out,
burn out rubber to the pavement,
every mile every atmosphere's a payment,
when will it stop it's best to ask me not,
future's an astronaut,
the present is an astronaut

Livin that good life it's that tip up the cup shit that make you wanna stand up and scream out I love this, we in the penthouse higher than my buzz is pass me a drink cause it'd be better if I wasn't I'm thankin god I can make them nod and keep their heads bouncin I'm in a champaign fountain up in the Kush mountains and I ain't comin down I swear on moms the shit is sick and everything I got I got because the way I spit, admit it the fires been lit and i did it I'm throwing a fit on all of you bitches because I'm the shit and I'm not gonna sit hear and listen I'm feeling the rhythm and I'm makin my wishes all come true that's just what I gotta do I love the game I hope the games loves me as much as I do
Track Name: U Gotta Learn - Gryndhousz ft Vikki V
Quit that geekin' and nerdin'
Talk that talk? Yea I heard it
But you already turned in
My midnight oil is burning
So I'm stocking up on that BP
That's just to push a beep beep
And I'm watching all my bleep bleeps
I'm not Fing with that CC
Now the game commission wants me (why?)
I killed all the booths
The expense is nothing less than a receipt for my youth
Rewards that I'm reaping
Racking returns
The number one reason's first...

Learn what your craft is before you claim you're the baddest
Before you say that you had us
Wait, you think that you had us?!
All you care about is some photos
In the bathroom with new polos
While you tweet about some YOLO
and some things that you don't know know
What's wrong with kids today?
There's no education
One arm is rocking a baby the other's holding a gun
Lean off the trigger
Listen what's heard
The number one lesson's first...

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